Diabetes and insurance – what you need to know

It’s not uncommon for people living with diabetes to have some difficulty when arranging insurance cover – whether it’s car insurance, travel insurance, life insurance or income protection insurance. Diabetes falls under the title of ‘pre-existing medical condition’, which often means an insurance company will view you as a higher risk. Subsequently premiums can be… Read more »

Top 10 travel apps for 2017

As the technology in our smartphones and tablets continues to develop, we are given more and more ways to organise our lives and connect with other people all over the world. Perhaps one of the most exciting areas in app development at the minute is travel, with a multitude of new apps entering the market… Read more »

15 things you might not know about travel insurance

Peak holiday season is approaching, but before you even think about bounding over to your best mates balcony, chomping that questionable chicken kebab or jumping on a jet ski, read our guide to 15 things you may not know about travel insurance… Booked your holiday but haven’t got your insurance yet? You need to sort… Read more »

Holidays parks enjoy boom as weak pound after Brexit boosts staycations

The caravan, camping and holiday parks of the UK are enjoying the benefits of the pounds slump in value since the Brexit vote, with the biggest 100 holiday venues in the country seeing a total of £2.7 billion of spending by British holidaymakers last year. That’s according to new research by the lending firm Ortus Secured… Read more »

When is the cheapest time to book a holiday?

Travel insurance for as little as £7.85. Get a FREE quote now >>> As the price of flights and hotels fluctuates so much these days, it can really pay to do your research and work out when the constantly changing costs will be at their cheapest. The problem is that travel and hotel companies change their… Read more »

Could BREXIT lead to higher travel costs for UK holidaymakers?

Want a great deal on travel insurance? Get a FREE quote now Essentially – and the way ABTA see it is – in the event of Britain throwing in the towel and reverting to home rule, as a nation of holidaymakers we will henceforth be stung by increased costs when it comes to playing away…. Read more »