Is it worth taking out funeral cover?

The unequivocal fact of the matter is, we’re all going to die one day. We can choose to ignore this unavoidable end game and live every day like it’s our last, or perhaps look forward to our demise in a slightly creepy/sci-fi-ish way (a la Walt Disney and the other folk), who have put their… Read more »

Top 10 Weirdest Insurance Policies

If you think Jennifer Lopez insuring her derrière to the tune of $27 million was extreme then you really ain’t seen/heard nothing yet. Although pound-for-pound J-Lo’s bottom line is far and away one of the most expensive insurance covers anywhere on planet superstar, back in the (supposed) real world there are more far-fetched and downright… Read more »

How to manage your money and stay debt free this Christmas

As the iconic television advert has now informed us – holidays are coming! For many of us, this means here comes the stress of buying presents for everyone, doing that huge Christmas food shop and not to mention all those Christmas parties to attend. It’s an expensive time. We’ve put together our top tips on… Read more »