Best banking apps 2017

More and more often we are using our smartphones to carry out our banking transactions – the most recent British Bankers’ Association (BBA) data available, from 2015, shows that consumers logged into mobile banking apps a staggering 73.8 million times a week – up from 18.6 million logins a week in 2014. During the same… Read more »

Logbook loans – everything you need to know

Logbook loans are growing in popularity in the UK, as they offer many people a viable alternative to payday loans. Here we outline exactly what a logbook loan is, how to get one, how to pay one back and how to get the best deal… What is a logbook loan? Top logbook loan lenders How… Read more »

How to improve your credit score – a guide

Your credit score is a valuable asset – if you’ve ever considered getting a loan, credit card or anything requiring a credit contract you’ll know how important a factor it is to get the best deals, or even get credit at all. Lenders use your credit score to determine how credit-worthy you are and make… Read more »

9 best money saving apps

The vast majority – over two thirds of us – now own a smartphone in the UK. Using a phone for just phone calls is now a thing of the past – we use them for all sorts of things, to book tickets, watch TV and check travel timetables. We download apps to monitor our… Read more »

ISA transfers – what you need to know…

If you want to grow your savings free of income tax and capital gains tax, then an ISA is a great way to do it. How you invest the money can have a significant impact on your long-term returns, so here we explore how ISA transfers work and what to look for. There are two… Read more »

What is hypermiling, does it work and can it save you money?

You may have heard about hypermiling – a controversial way to save money at the pump – but what is it, does it work and can you do it? With petrol prices rising most of us want to keep our driving costs down, so how can we do it? Meet the hypermilers – an online… Read more »

It costs an average of £256 to be a wedding guest, study shows

A new study has worked out the average cost of being invited to a wedding – taking into account expenses like buying a wedding gift, getting a new outfit for the big day, travel and accommodation. New research has revealed that wedding guests spend an average of £256 when they attend a wedding, with the… Read more »

Ethical banks – is this the future of banking?

Ethical banking is a growing trend, with consumers taking more of an interest in banks that make ‘ethical’ investments and fund social and community-focused projects and organisations. We take a closer look at ethical banking and identify some of the most ethical banks around… Ever since the financial crash of 2008, banks have been seen… Read more »

Pensions triple lock – everything you need to know

As the 2017 General Election campaign begins to gather momentum, there has been a lot of speculation about the future of the pension ‘triple lock’. Below we explain everything you need to know about the triple lock, and why it is important… Recent reports have suggested that the Conservative party are considering replacing the pension… Read more »