Diabetes and insurance – what you need to know

It’s not uncommon for people living with diabetes to have some difficulty when arranging insurance cover – whether it’s car insurance, travel insurance, life insurance or income protection insurance. Diabetes falls under the title of ‘pre-existing medical condition’, which often means an insurance company will view you as a higher risk. Subsequently premiums can be… Read more »

How many life insurance policies can you have?

Why you might need more than one life insurance policy There are lots of reasons why you might consider having more than one life insurance policy, including: Making sure your family are protected in the event of your death Covering a big loan e.g. a mortgage, so it can be paid in the event of… Read more »

Best life insurance with free gift deals (2018 edition)

Exclusive offer! Get a £20 voucher and enter our monthly prize draw for a FREE tablet when you buy a life insurance policy. Learn more Life insurance with free tablet offer After we have reviewed your circumstances we will recommend the life insurance policy, or choice of policies, that best suit your individual needs. If… Read more »

How to avoid inheritance tax

When you die you will probably want your estate to pass on to your children, but paying Inheritance Tax (IHT) could significantly reduce the amount they receive. However, there are a number of things you can do to limit the amount of IHT your loved ones have to pay. Below we outline some of the… Read more »

How much life insurance would James Bond need?

Following the news that Daniel Craig has decided to return as James Bond for the movie franchises 25th film – due November 2019 – the team at qq-life.co.uk have crunched the numbers to work out what sort of life insurance policy the fictional secret agent would need, and the results might surprise you… A common… Read more »

Pre-need insurance – what it is and why you might need it

Looking for a great deal on life insurance? Get a FREE quote now Arguably one of the most important insurance policies you’ve never heard of (although big in America, it’s probably headed this way sooner or later). And for those of you aware of its very existence, you still may not understand what it does or moreover… Read more »

1 in 4 British adults haven’t arranged a life insurance policy

This equates to almost 8.5 million people in the UK and with average life insurance payouts of £31,000 per person, according to the Association of British Insurers, there is a £263 billion gap for the families of those who don’t have a policy in place. New study reveals that many UK workers overlook the vital… Read more »

Health trackers are beginning to have an effect on the insurance industry

Indeed, stats just released for this Christmas period just gone reveal that in the 2 days directly following the 25th of December, the Fitbit app (Apple’s bespoke health tracking tech which pairs with their own iWatches) made the top 10 in the UK’s download charts. Wherever you turn you’re confronted with people sporting watch-like devices which… Read more »