Diabetes and insurance – what you need to know

It’s not uncommon for people living with diabetes to have some difficulty when arranging insurance cover – whether it’s car insurance, travel insurance, life insurance or income protection insurance. Diabetes falls under the title of ‘pre-existing medical condition’, which often means an insurance company will view you as a higher risk. Subsequently premiums can be… Read more »

With over 3 million couples said to be financially dependent on each other’s incomes to survive, isn’t it about time YOU considered income protection insurance?

Of course, and for those not in the loop, an income protection insurance policy remains one of the best ‘get out of jail free’ cards you could opt for should this situation appear on a horizon anytime soon. Getting both parties on board with this type of contingency plan would “enable them to focus on… Read more »

Do I really need income protection insurance?

Er, What Is Income Protection Insurance When it’s at Home? Well put it this way, it’s got nothing to do with ‘home’ insurance before we go any further, turn of phrase or not. Instead it’s got EVERYTHING to do with safeguarding your personal finances and accepted way of life in the event of the worst… Read more »

Should I get income protection or Payment Protection Insurance?

First things first though and we need to establish the systematic differences between the two popular forms of protecting your earnings. Income protection insurance has been around a long time, although you might know it better in its previous guise of Permanent Health Insurance (or PHI), and it has forged a solid and financially dependable reputation… Read more »

Can I get income protection insurance if I have diabetes?

Type 1 occurs when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin and was previously referred to as ‘insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus’ (or juvenile diabetes), with the cause remaining unknown. Type 1 diabetes is treated by a change in diet, regular exercise, daily blood sugar monitors and several insulin injections a day. Type 1 diabetics who adhere to… Read more »

Income protection insurance claim statistics

You see such data is traditionally thin on the ground, so we’ve had to go digging (as is our way) – and what we’ve unearthed goes a long way to prove beyond reasonable doubt that income protection insurance policies DO pay out; contrary to popular belief. Indeed, there’s this long-standing urban myth about income protection insurance policies… Read more »

Income protection insurance with pre-existing medical condititions – a guide

  The way it currently stands within the income protection insurance industry is thus: if you have experienced periods of debilitating illness or recurrent health-compromising and career-limiting conditions such as any respiratory condition, heart condition, circulatory condition (including hypertension, stroke, transient ischemic attack) or cancer (or cancerous condition) for which you have ever been diagnosed… Read more »

The importance of income protection insurance for high risk occupations

If your job involves working at heights (be it up electricity pylons, scaffolding or window cleaning ladders) or in environments which have the potential to present ‘unsafe scenarios’ (such as at sea, up a mountain, near to a burning building and in space for example) then it’s imperative that you possess some form of income… Read more »