Moving to Australia? Here’s what you need to know about insurance

If you have made the momentous decision to move to Australia, then it’s likely that you have a lot of things on your to-do list right now. While things like visa’s and moving arrangements need to be sorted, you also need to make sure you familiarise yourself with the new insurance obligations that come with… Read more »

32% of UK bosses believe staff should remain at home when ill

One of the overriding findings was that those polled were of the impression that sickness absence levels could be reduced (together with general employee health improving) when they were granted access to various healthcare benefits. Elsewhere and AXA’s research shed further light on employer’s attitudes toward staff absences across the board, and discovered that 29%… Read more »

Health trackers are beginning to have an effect on the insurance industry

Indeed, stats just released for this Christmas period just gone reveal that in the 2 days directly following the 25th of December, the Fitbit app (Apple’s bespoke health tracking tech which pairs with their own iWatches) made the top 10 in the UK’s download charts. Wherever you turn you’re confronted with people sporting watch-like devices which… Read more »

Health insurance for over 50’s – what you need to know

Now you’re just as likely to witness the more mature person flinging themselves out of a plane at altitude (complete with parachute we hasten to add) as you are competing in the slightly more pedestrian game of bridge. Of course, if the over-50 demographic are increasingly hell bent on enjoying more adventurous retirements (and even… Read more »

5 very cool insurance apps

Let’s face facts, the words ‘insurance’ and ‘cool’ are rarely mentioned in the same paragraph, let alone sentence. But for one night only (or day, depending on when you’re browsing this) we give you the words ‘insurance’ and ‘cool’ in the same breath – as we take you through some of the coolest insurance-based smartphone… Read more »

How to get health insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

Yet the very next question on everyone’s lips is: just how do we go about challenging the disadvantageous situations which tend to crop up in the health insurance industry at the merest mention of a pre-existing illness or condition? If you do suffer from an ongoing medical condition, you will have probably said words to this effect… Read more »

The cost of later life care – infographic

As the life expectancy of individuals increases, health conditions which affect people later in life such as Dementia are becoming more common. Statistics show that currently 1 in 14 people in the UK who are over 65 are affected by dementia, with 1 in 6 of those being over 80. These numbers are expected to continue… Read more »

Health insurance for the self-employed: what you need to know

That’s because the buck stops with you when you choose to venture down the self-employed path, and nine times out of ten due to the very nature of the beast you can’t delegate the tasks which you can now no longer do for an indefinite period of time. Essentially there’s nobody to cover you/step into… Read more »

How telematics could change the health insurance industry

We’re rapidly hurtling towards the year 2019, on collision course with the dystopian future in which the seminal Blade Runner movie was set, where technology and the threat of Artificial Intelligence rules our lives and all that we know and love today has been lost forever. Mercifully society still seems to be dragging its heels… Read more »

Life insurance vs health insurance – which is best for you?

There’s been some pretty big fights down the years, box office blockbusters which people are still talking about today. Historically, some of the greats have climbed into a boxing ring in front of a global audience of millions and duked it out for fame and glory; not to mention some impressive purses. Belts have been won,… Read more »