Ten things you need to know about car finance

Approximately four out of every five new cars in the UK are ‘bought’ using finance, rather than being purchased outright. With 2.5. million new car registrations last year, that means 2 million of them are obtained by people paying monthly installments. Despite the remarkable rise of car finance in the past few years, a lot… Read more »

Home insurance premiums have risen 7.6% this year

Claims associated with the ‘Beast from the East’ blamed for the rise in premiums – which have increased at three times the inflation rate. The cost of home insurance has increased by 7.6% in the year up to April 2018, according to new data from Consumer Intelligence. The increase – more than triple the inflation… Read more »

20% of cars on UK roads have ‘dangerous’ tyres, warns new study

Spot checks of 1,000 vehicles found that 21% of cars have at least one tyre that needed replacing – meaning that up to 8 million cars on UK roads are driving with potentially dangerous tyres. A new study has found that more than one in five cars on UK roads have ‘dangerous’ tyres, which equates… Read more »

Insuring a Cat D car – a complete guide

Buying a category D car can be a great way to save money, as long as you know what you’re doing. A lot of people don’t even know what a cat D car is, nevermind how to go about insuring one. So let us help… What is a cat D car? ‘Cat D’ is short… Read more »

New MOT rules will make it even harder for vehicles to pass

Defects will now be listed under three new categories: Dangerous, Major and Minor, and new emissions tests for diesel cars will make it harder for them to pass their MOT. New MOT regulations are set to come into force this month, in the first major update to the rules in five years. The changes to… Read more »