Best life insurance with free gift deals (2018 edition)

If you are looking for a life insurance policy and are not sure which insurance company to go with, you may want to consider what free gifts each one is offering along with their policies. From free laptops and tablets to gift vouchers and cashback, lots of life insurance companies are going all out to… Read more »

Best cashback car insurance deals 2018

The average cost of car insurance continues to go up, leaving a lot of drivers doing whatever they can to find the cheapest deal. An often overlooked method to help save money on car insurance is to find a cashback deal. As buying car insurance is a legal requirement and cannot be avoided, you may… Read more »

Valentine’s Day spending survey results: Men to spend more than women

With Valentine’s Day 2018 fast approaching (Wednesday 14th February if you need reminding!), we wanted to get an idea about how much people in the UK spend on their loved ones. We recently ran a survey of almost 3,000 people in the UK to reveal their Valentine’s Day spending habits, and you can see the… Read more »

Black boxes in cars are being used by insurers to stop fraudulent claims

Car insurers are using data from black boxes to help catch those making fraudulent car insurance claims. Telematics boxes are used primarily to provide ‘pay as you go’ insurance premiums, as they analyse how motorists drive (speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, time of journey etc…) and calculate how much the cover should cost each month. But… Read more »

New sales figures show sales of electric cars increased by 27% last year

New sales figures show there is an “unprecedented demand” for both pure electric and plug-in hybrid car models in the UK, with sales rising by 27% last year. Motor industry insiders are predicting the surge in new registrations will continue into 2018 and estimate 60,000 will be sold this year, bringing the total number of… Read more »

Best car scrappage schemes 2018

Car brands offer scrappage schemes that provide discounts when you trade in your old car for a new model. We look at which car scrappage schemes offer the best value for money in 2018. A car scrappage scheme allows you to trade in your old car and get a discount to buy a new, more… Read more »

Van insurance groups explained

The amount you pay for van insurance can depend on a lot of different factors. One of the most important of these is what insurance group your van is in. Below we explain everything you need to know about van insurance groups. For more information, visit our van insurance page Van insurance groups are set… Read more »

Best online money saving and management apps and tools 2018

If you find the process of organising your finances a bit dull or so overwhelming you don’t know where to start, then you may be interested in the growing trend for personal finance apps and online tools. One of the many benefits of smartphones is that they provide a great platform for developers to create… Read more »