Learner driver and provisional car insurance

If you’re currently learning to drive and want to get insurance to cover you when you practice driving, you could be quoted high premiums as you are seen as a high risk. Compare learner driver insurance deals now and find the best deal for you…

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Learner driver insurance – what you need to know

As well as being a potentially stressful time, learning to drive can also be expensive – with the cost of a car, driving lessons, tax, fuel and more all adding up.

Usually a professional driving instructor will include the cost of car insurance in their lesson prices, but if you want to go out and drive on your provisional licence in-between lessons then you will need some form of learner driver insurance.

The Driving Standards Agency suggest that learner drivers should get approximately 20 hours of independent driving with a friend or family member before they take their test. In order to do so you will need some form of learner driver or provisional insurance.

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bobBob’s tip:

“Anyone you practice your driving with must be 21 years old, be qualified to drive the vehicle you want to drive and have held a valid driving licence for at least three years.”

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How learners can save money on provisional insurance

As learner drivers are seen as high risk drivers, car insurance companies will often quote them high premium costs. Just like with young and new drivers, learner drivers are seen to be more likely to have accidents and submit claims – so are therefore expected to pay more for cover than experienced drivers.

Despite this, there are ways in which learner drivers can try to reduce the cost of provisional insurance.

One way in which you could get cheaper cover is for you to become a ‘named’ driver on a more experienced driver’s policy i.e. the person who you want to take you out for a drive.

Anyone with a provisional driving licence can become a named driver on another’s car insurance policy, so long as the person ‘teaching’ is over the age of 21, has a valid full driving licence for the type of vehicle you will be driving and has had a licence for at least three years.

If you become a named driver alongside a more experienced driver like a parent, sibling or friend they your premium will likely be much cheaper than getting your own policy, however the premium in total for the person adding you to the policy will likely increase substantially – so this may not be the most cost-effective option for the two of you.

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Dedicated learner driver insurance policies

If you decide that the most cost-effective way to go is to get your own learner driver insurance, then you will find you won’t be spoiled for choice.

There are a growing number of provisional insurance policies aimed at learner drivers, from established insurance companies like Aviva to new companies dedicated purely to learner drivers and young drivers.

While choice is obviously a good thing when it comes to keeping costs down, it does mean that you need to do your homework and make sure you are aware of the level of cover each company is offering you.

L plates for learner drivers

When comparing quotes it’s tempting to just go for the cheapest one, however this can often be the cheapest option because it offers a low level of cover.

Some of the policy options you should be considering with learner insurance are:

Learner driver insurance companies

If you are looking for a provisional or learner driver insurance policy, you can choose to buy from either the big and well-known car insurance companies or a dedicated learner driver insurer.

Below we’ve listed some of the most popular and best learner driver insurance options to help you make the right choice…

Aviva learner driver insurance

Aviva car insurance logoAviva provide a dedicated learner driver car insurance policy, with cover available from between one day and three months.

Aviva offer learner drivers the option to only pay for the cover they need, and cover just for between the time of 6am and 10pm – which can keep premium costs down to as little as £2.50 per day.

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RAC learner driver insurance

RAC car insurance logoRAC is another of the car insurance ‘big boys’ to offer learner driver and provisional insurance policies.

With RAC you can get car insurance for just 2 hours to cover a single lesson, up to five months.

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AA learner driver insurance

AA car insuranceThe AA also offer specific learner driver insurance policies which offer flexible cover for motorists with provisional licenses.

With the AA you can arrange learner cover for 28 days all the way up to 24 weeks and there are various levels of cover available.

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Admiral learner driver insurance

Admiral car insurance logo Admiral insurance offer provisional learner driver insurance for as little as £1.96 a day.

That price is for 90 days of cover. For 60 days of cover it will cost £2.07, for 30 days it’s £2.27 and for 7 days it costs £4.29 per day.

Admiral can provide instant and flexible car insurance cover for learner drivers.

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Marmalade learner driver insurance

marmalade learner insuranceMarmalade is perhaps the most well-known and popular car insurance company that specialises in learner driver insurance.

Marmalade offers learner insurance for as little £1.84 per day, which can cover you to use a friend or family member’s car without risking their No Claims discount.

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