Pre-need insurance – what it is and why you might need it

Looking for a great deal on life insurance? Get a FREE quote now Arguably one of the most important insurance policies you’ve never heard of (although big in America, it’s probably headed this way sooner or later). And for those of you aware of its very existence, you still may not understand what it does or moreover… Read more »

1 in 4 British adults haven’t arranged a life insurance policy

This equates to almost 8.5 million people in the UK and with average life insurance payouts of £31,000 per person, according to the Association of British Insurers, there is a £263 billion gap for the families of those who don’t have a policy in place. New study reveals that many UK workers overlook the vital… Read more »

Health trackers are beginning to have an effect on the insurance industry

Indeed, stats just released for this Christmas period just gone reveal that in the 2 days directly following the 25th of December, the Fitbit app (Apple’s bespoke health tracking tech which pairs with their own iWatches) made the top 10 in the UK’s download charts. Wherever you turn you’re confronted with people sporting watch-like devices which… Read more »

Which life insurance policy is best for me?

But if life insurance is the stark-staringly blatant answer, then the question which habitually precedes it is “Just what sort of life insurance policy is best for me?” Which is where we’re here to help. Before we go any further we must first establish what life insurance plans are typically on the table, which essentially… Read more »

The cost of later life care – infographic

As the life expectancy of individuals increases, health conditions which affect people later in life such as Dementia are becoming more common. Statistics show that currently 1 in 14 people in the UK who are over 65 are affected by dementia, with 1 in 6 of those being over 80. These numbers are expected to continue… Read more »

Life insurance with endowment savings plan

Although this sum can be redistributed in the event of the policyholder experiencing an earlier death, the fiscal nucleus of such will manifest itself as a predetermined sum or an agreed capital sum on maturity. Alternatively – and mentioned in detail elsewhere on this site – a life insured individual may instead wish to take… Read more »

Does switching to e-cigarettes reduce life insurance premiums?

Almost and beyond twice as much in the case of some insurance providers. So with the advent of e-cigarettes – and in recognition of them riding the crest of a wave of searing popularity as an alternate product – there’s suddenly become hope in the minds of those who have made the switch to them… Read more »

What is a life insurance ‘with-profits’ policy?

These bonuses as such are incrementally added to fundamental sum assured, with the potential for a final bonus windfall realised at the end of the term. However, therein lies the rub and unforeseeable nature of this branch of life insurance product, as often with-profits plans have under-performed over a pre-defined passage of time and as… Read more »

10 myths about life insurance debunked

There are any amount of myths, urban legends, faux fables and good old fashioned codswallop uttered and committed to the printed word at any one time; and which at best could be labelled as conjecture, at worst, downright misconceptions. Thankfully – for you – it’s part of our remit to separate the fallacies from the… Read more »