Five ways a dash cam could help you in the event of a crime

Using a dash cam could soon become as common as using a sat nav. Dash cam purchases have shot up over the last couple of years, taking them from being a specialised piece of kit for the more paranoid motorist to a common and mainstream device used by the masses to provide additional protection on… Read more »

What is hypermiling, does it work and can it save you money?

You may have heard about hypermiling – a controversial way to save money at the pump – but what is it, does it work and can you do it? With petrol prices rising most of us want to keep our driving costs down, so how can we do it? Meet the hypermilers – an online… Read more »

With sales on the rise, is now the time to buy a hybrid or electric car?

Alternative fuel cars (hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric) are becoming more popular, with sales rising by 31% in March 2017. March saw an impressive 562,337 new cars registered, with alternative fuel vehicles now having a market share of 4.3% – still low in comparison to fossil fuel cars, but gaining momentum due to increased awareness… Read more »

Are modern cars making the driving test too easy?

Experts have slammed the DVSA for failing to keep the driving test relevant with semi-autonomous technology making driving easier. Learner drivers taking their practical driving tests in modern cars are gaining an unfair advantage, as the hi-tech gadgets help them avoid accidents and faults. That’s the verdict of road safety experts, who have slammed the DVSA… Read more »

New study shows UK drivers take their eyes off the road EVERY NINE SECONDS

New eye-tracking study claims drivers spend 18% of their journey not looking at the road, and take their eyes off the road every nine seconds. A common response given by drivers after causing a collision on the road is “I didn’t see you”, and a new study using eye-tracking technology claims that drivers not looking at… Read more »

How a cheap dash cam can save you up to 20% on your car insurance

Sales of dash cams are soaring in the UK – helped by car insurance companies beginning to offer significant premium discounts for drivers who use them Dashboard cameras are becoming more and more popular in the UK, as everyone from new drivers to taxi and Uber drivers use them to record their journey. New data… Read more »

How do I know if my vehicle qualifies for classic car insurance?

If you own a classic or heritage/collectible vehicle, then classic car insurance can offer certain benefits not available with traditional car insurance policies. Most notably, specialist classic car insurance can work out more cost effective as insurers assume that you will be doing a lot less miles in your cherished vehicle, and classic car owners… Read more »

What car makes suffer the most parts failures?

New study shows Alfa Romeos, Porsches and Land Rovers have the most parts failures, with over a third of owners claiming on their warranties in 2016. The research by Warranty Direct also found that the average repair costs varied massively for the different brands. The average cost of parts to repair a Porsche was £1,019.07, for… Read more »