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Aviva is one of the largest car insurance companies in the UK, and has approximately 33 million customers across the world – providing general insurance products as well as pensions and investments.

Below we will tell you all you need to know about Aviva and their car insurance products, giving you the information you need before choosing them as your next insurer.

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History of company

Aviva’s history can be traced all the way back to 1696 but, in terms of modern history, the company as we now know it was formed in the year 2000 with the merger of the insurance companies Norwich Union and CGU plc). Following the merger, the company kept the Norwich Union name for their British operations.

Norwich Union continued to be used for all British operations until June 2009, when it became formally known as Aviva. ‘Aviva’ was chosen as the brand name as it is short and memorable, and is a made-up word derived from ‘viva’ – the Latin for ‘alive’.

Aviva’s main areas of operations now are the general and life insurance markets as well as other financial products like investments and long-term savings.

Aviva car insurance products

As a major car insurance company, Aviva’s car insurance products cover just about every policy need the standard UK motorist would need.

First of all, they offer both comprehensive and third party, fire & theft (TPFT) cover – learn more about comprehensive and third party car insurance policies here.

Aviva TPFT cover

Aviva’s Third Party, Fire & Theft option offers cover for:

Aviva comprehensive cover

Comprehensive car insurance from Aviva provides just about every cover option you can need, including:

Loss, theft or damage to your vehicle
New vehicle replacement
Vehicle recovery after an accident
Personal belongings kept in the vehicle
Driving other cars cover

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Aviva temporary car insurance

As well as the standard 12 month car insurance policies, Aviva also offer temporary car insurance which can run from 1-28 days.

Aviva have teamed up with temporary car insurance specialist Dayinsure to offer this cover option, which provides a cost-effective way to insure a vehicle for a short period of time e.g. for a test drive, to share a long drive with a friend/family member, to learn to drive etc…

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Is Aviva on price comparison websites?

No. Aviva is currently one of the most high profile car insurance providers who have chosen not to be included on price comparison websites like Confused.com and GoCompare.

Aviva were originally included on comparison sites, but took the decision to come off them back in 2008. At the time Aviva said in a statement:

“Aviva’s direct products came off price comparison websites in 2008. This is because we want our customers to come directly to us for our best prices, offers and deals.”

Aviva decided to remove their car insurance policies from price comparison websites in order to keep costs down and to make sure customers got the best deal by dealing directly with them, rather than a third party.

How much does Aviva car insurance cost?

As with all car insurers, the costs of premiums depend on a lot of factors that are specific to you. From the vehicle you are insuring and where it will be parked to how old you are, your occupation and your driving experience.

As Aviva are not on comparison websites, though, you know the price you are given by them is the best possible price of an Aviva policy available to you.

Aviva currently provide a starting price of car insurance starting from £169.00, and claim that 10% of their customers paid this amount for standard cover.

They have also recently launched the Aviva Drive app, which offers the chance to save even more on the cost of car insurance by tracking how well you drive and giving premium discounts accordingly.

The Aviva Drive app is a free app that tracks your driving, much like black box car insurance. After you have logged over 200 miles of driving on the app you will get a driver score out of 10, which is based on aspects like your cornering, acceleration and braking. Drivers who score 7.1 or over will be rewarded with insurance savings of an average of £170.

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Aviva customer reviews

Aviva scores an average rating of 4.5/5 on Defaqto – which collates reviews from buyers of an Aviva policy.

Reviews are bit more mixed on the SmartMoneyPeople website, but the average rating is still strong at 4.35/5.